Which Personality Test is Better for Business and Leadership? Human Design v. Enneagram v. Genius Test

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As humans we LOVE personality tests. We want to know about ourselves so we take all the online quizzes and share our personality designations. But what does the information really tell us, and how does it actually help us live better lives?  That’s what interests me.

I’ve invested a bit of time studying the different tools that are out there in my quest to find something that not only helped me grow as a person but also helped me build my business and better support my clients. While I’m far from an expert, I learned much on my search – here are my biggest takeaways. 

Two of the most popular tests (for good reason) right now are Human Design and Enneagram, the third we’ll be looking at is a lesser known (yet still very worthwhile) system called Wealth Dynamics. I’ve used all three and find each supportive in its own way. 

Regardless of which you prefer, you’ll get the most out of each by working with an expert, someone who can listen, help you understand the intricacies of each framework and apply it to your unique situation. Learning how to understand and use your results is more important than the results alone! 

An Overview of Human Design, Enneagram, and Wealth Dynamics

Human Design: Great for individual, personal development work and for the person wanting to wade deeply into understanding their energetic blueprint.. There’s a ton of helpful info, and it’s a complex system. Like astrology, it is based on your birth chart and there are five main types,  which provides  a broad stroke overview. However, the real value is in interpreting the sub categories (energy centers, gates, and channels) similar to a full astrological chart reading.) This is a personal development tool, not a business tool.

Enneagram: Another great map for deeper self-understanding for those interested and willing to look within. The Enneagram is a personality system that categorizes individuals into nine distinct personality types, each with its own set of characteristics, motivations, and fears. This is best for the individual seeking personal development.

Wealth Dynamics: A self purported tool for entrepreneurs. I’d agree. There’s much that one can do with individual and personal development using this, and its brilliance shines brightly when used in a team, or business setting. 

There are 4 energies that are the foundation for 8 profiles. This, much like the other two tests, shows individual strengths and weaknesses, places of flow and where we get stuck. But where it differs is the premise of Wealth Dynamics is not to ‘work’ at one’s weaknesses, it’s to become aware of them so you can find the people who shine where you don’t. It’s about building a team and collaboration, not about fixing yourself. 

As an added bonus, there’s an aspect of WD that shows you exactly where you, and your business are, and what steps you need to take to move it (and you) to the next level. Neither of the other tests work so directly with the integration of personal and business evolution.

What is Human Design

Uses your place, day and time of birth to create a unique personality profile. If this sounds like a birth chart in astrology, that’s because it uses the same data. It differs in the way it presents information. The chart outlines a person’s energy type, strategy, authority and profile.

Every person comes out as one of 5 Human Design Types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector. This part of HD seems straight forward and is helpful in, and of, itself.

However, when you take the test, you’ll receive a very strange, seemingly unreadable diagram in language that renders it potentially useless. This doesn’t mean that it actually IS useless (although if you try to decipher it on your own -or with the help of google or siri- you may give up in frustration). 

In the words of Human Design expert and practitioner Ros Isabel, “It’s too bloody hard to understand. It’s too inaccessible.”

So why are so many people investing time, and money, into their charts? 

Human Design says it combines aspects of astrology, the IChing, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system. Proponents say that it can help find your ‘groove’ in life. It can support making better decisions (that align with Universal Intention), knowing how to best use your energy and aligning to the truth of who you really are.

My opinion, it’s a potentially powerful tool – with the right guide. I find it a personal growth tool, not a good business option. Look for someone who can break it down into a language you can understand. As with any tool, learning how to use it is actually more important than the tool itself. 

What is Enneagram

Uses an extensive, ‘which of these best describes you’ test which, admittedly can be challenging and can change with age, mood, work mode or play mode, or multiple other reasons. That doesn’t mean it’s not accurate, or useful, it’s just something to keep in mind as you set aside time for the assessment. There are also multiple assessments, each claiming to be the best and most accurate, which can be confusing.

Enneagram works on the premise that we are born with one of nine dominant personality types that largely determine the ways in which we adapt in life and can indicate our unconscious orientations. Each type has “an associated fear, basic desire and predictable pattern of behavior in times of stress and security,” according to the American Journal of Psychiatry. 

The nine types are: The Reformer, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, The Investigator, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Challenger, The Peacemaker.

There are additional layers like the three triads, wings, connecting the lines, and subtypes which deepen an already rich tool. It’s often called a psycho-spiritual system as it has roots in both arenas. It’s been used by psychiatrists since the 1970s. 

My opinion: I like the ease of use as well as the depth options of this tool. There are some people doing great existential work with this tool. While I’ve found it most useful personally, I’ve used it to assist my teams in communicating and understanding each other. 

What is Wealth Dynamics

Uses a multiple choice ‘describe yourself’ test which, like the Enneagram, is subjective and impacted by different variables of life. Again, this doesn’t make it less accurate or valuable, it just reminds us to be intentional when taking the assessment. WD describes itself as a test for entrepreneurs with a version (Talent Dynamics) for teams. 

The full (paid) test sorts people into one of eight profiles Creator, Star, Supporter, Dealmaker, Trader, Accumulator, Lord and Mechanic that are depicted around a square. Each side of the square is an ‘energetic base’ that’s associated with different attributes like it’s season, question, element and more (i.e. Dynamo – spring, Blaze – summer, Tempo – fall, Steel – winter). There’s a free version of the test that will give you your base energy.

This square layout not only makes the information quick to grasp, it’s the foundation for easily creating well balanced teams. The tool has options for taking it to a deeper level, fully analyzing where your business is currently and identifying what’s needed to get to the next step.

WD is based on the IChing and Carl Jung’s work, like the Myers Briggs profiling system. Unlike Myers Briggs, WD chose to keep the spiritual aspects which takes this seemingly simple system to a higher level. Much like the Enneagram, it can be used at face value or taken deeper to create key transformations.

In contrast to the Human Design and Enneagram, this is not a psychological tool whose goal is to unearth unconscious prejudices. Wealth Dynamics is built for business. It’s meant to determine your unique flow so you can step into it fully and focus on it, instead of wasting time, energy and money in areas that drain you. 

Traditional schooling teaches us to put aside what comes easily – our flow – and focus on what we do poorly – what drains us. This system flips that outdated notion and instead encourages us to focus on building complimentary teams of people- all in their flow. 

My opinion. I like this tool for business. It’s one of the things I used to shift my studio out of a very stuck second gear in 2009. I’ve used it in each of my businesses since, and it’s one of the tools I use with my clients. Its upfront ease of use, coupled with its deeper layers, make it a powerful tool for creating drastic and lasting changes in business. It’s also improved my relationship with my husband.

If you’d like to take the free version of the test and find out your energy (Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo, Steel), click here. If you’d like more information on how you can uplevel your business using this and other tools, let’s chat about your business and how I can serve you. Book an Exploration session with me here.

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