Unlocking Resilience: Three Practical Steps

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Podcast Episode

Resiliency. We all want it. 
It’s a buzzword in business. 
Everyone has an opinion on how to ‘be resilient’.

This week, Maren and Stephanie take a look at this hot leadership topic from a slightly different perspective and give three clear, actionable steps that work. If you are ready to up the resiliency in your life and your leadership, you will love today’s podcast.

We work hard, grow into productive adults, change who we are and suddenly find ourselves in a situation that throws us right back into who we were – no warning – and no way to get out of it. Holding onto who we are, regardless of the situation is resiliency, and it does take a regular, intentional practice.

This is the three part process that Maren shares as she tells her own story of discovery.  Leaders who long to swap the life of judgment, criticism and blame for a one of curiosity, joy and playfulness will appreciate that Maren and Stephanie don’t just share the three steps, but they give the secret sauce that actually makes them work. 

  • 00:31 Pulled back into an old you
  • 06:28 Stepping up a notch
  • 10:19 Making the choice
  • 11:50 Catching the moment
  • 15:28 Reviewing for next time
  • 17:33 Owning the change – Instant gratification, or repeatable practice
  • 20:35 Being tested – you’ve done something right
  • 23:55 Ownership – work becomes play


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