The (Potential) Power of Commitment: 

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Lessons I’ve learned over 100 podcast episodes.

I want to start at the end, the place of reflection because that’s where growth is not only recognized, but is consciously claimed and anchored. Most of our lives are spent in essential ‘outward doing’: we have to pay bills, we have obligations, we want to make a difference, we have to get things done. As we do all this ‘outward’ stuff, everything tends to blend together. Days run into each other and before long a year has passed and nothing has changed.

Or has it? Maybe growth has happened and is simply waiting for us to notice it, to claim it.


When my then friend, Stephanie, and I began our Soulful Leader Podcast adventure, our initial intention was simple: to help shift the old way of doing business by sharing our experiences, lessons and insights that belong to a road less traveled. 

Like most people, Stephanie and I put our knowledge to work and went for it. We set our intentions, used our skills, and followed where we were being led. We both knew that what we do in life changes who we are (which changes what we do – yep there’s a cycle), and neither of us knew that this commitment would become such a powerful catalyst for deep personal and professional growth. 

For me, it seemed like each episode became a stepping stone, leading to more insights, consistent evolution and an inner blossoming that had eluded my prior efforts (effort after effort after effort) to attain.

This is where that key of ‘reflection’ comes in. One of the practices that Stephanie and I have is regular reflection; personally, within our partnership and for our business. Without that practice, I would not have realized AND captured the insights that I was gaining – the very insights that had eluded me as I pursued them directly. So much of who I’ve become might have slipped away in the business (busyness) of everyday day life.

Reflection is not a one-and-done. It’s an ongoing process. As I pause here at our 100th episode, I noticed a few gems about commitment that stuck their heads up and waved at me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on commitment and reflection – and how the two might be intricately intertwined!

Commitment is Both Giving and Receiving

We tend to think of commitment as a doing – something that goes out – a giving of time, effort and energy. A one way door of sorts. 

What if it’s not? What if there’s really a beautiful dance between giving and receiving. I think this ‘one way door’ belief keeps us stuck, so I started to challenge it in myself.

I was right, that belief does keep us stuck AND there is a beautiful dance going on behind that one way door. The reality was – the more I showed up for each episode, really present to the thoughts, experiences, and knowledge that wanted to be shared (not my ego), the more connected I became. That connection showed itself two ways – internally as a deeper knowing, and externally through an outpouring of wisdom, support, and love from our incredible listeners. 

Imagine that – the more you give, the more you receive – it’s not just a saying. It happens in real life.

(Having said that, I’ve had plenty of experiences of giving, giving and giving some more, only to feel like I’ve not gotten anything. I REALLY want to address this, and it will have to be in another post or I won’t get to the rest of the things that want to be shared in this post. For now I’ll say that our why, expectations and lack of awareness all get in our way of the receiving that always happens when we give.)

In this instance, the podcast became a mirror, reflecting back to me the immense power of leading from the inside out and allowing myself to receive. It tapped into the depth of my soul and I embraced letting my true essence guide our conversations (instead of ‘figuring out’ what to say). It was a transformative shift that both informed (there really is a beautiful dance between giving and receiving) and ignited a fire within (I want more of this magic!). 

This process of challenging my thoughts around commitment also led me to more deeply embracing my unique strengths, passions, and purpose.

I didn’t realize how much I had hidden myself from the world with a protective layer. I was so accustomed to being a version of myself that was ‘acceptable’ and holding back key elements that felt too vulnerable, that I had become that version of me. As I opened myself up, I received so much beauty, that I opened myself more. It became a virtuous cycle that I continue to explore.

Commitment is a Way of Being

Commitment became more than just a word; it became a way of being—a conscious choice to show up, to give my best, and to honor the journey I had embarked upon. I think that this is intricately tied to both the reflection AND the opening that happened as I allowed myself to receive as a part of commitment.

As I stated above, I wanted more of the magic that was happening.

One of my biggest shifts was internalizing the meaning behind “commitment is not about perfection or never faltering”. Those were words I knew (and said) and the commitment I’ve had over the past 100 Episodes gave those words meaning that resonated throughout my being, they’ve become a part of me, a tangible knowing inside of me. 

This has made it easier to keep showing up, to hold true to my intentions, even when faced with challenges or setbacks. Experiencing and acknowledging my own transformation gives me an advantage – I want more. I know that it’s about showing up authentically, ready to learn, grow, and evolve – and it’s something I look forward to, and do willinging.

Commitment is Reciprocal

It seems redundant, and simple, and the deeper meaning is so key – especially to leaders – that I have to say it again. Through our podcast I discovered that commitment is not a one-way street. It’s a deeply reciprocal relationship, a dance with the universe. When we connect into it there is a constant flow of energy and inspiration. 

The more we commit to our passions and purpose, the more the universe responds with synchronicities, opportunities, and the right people to support us on our path. The most important thing is to have a practice to notice and capture all that is being given (see ‘reflection’ above) or it will pass us by. The UPS angel is ringing your doorbell, are you home?

Commitment is a Journey

Celebrating our 100th episode has been a milestone worth cherishing, but it’s also a reminder that the journey continues. The power of commitment lies not only in reaching a specific milestone but in the daily choices I make to honor my commitments, to embrace growth, and to show up fully present in my life.

Commitment can be a transformative force that unlocks the doors to a world of infinite possibilities. It can also be overwhelming drudgery. Here are a few questions that will help you unlock the former and shift away from the latter.

I’d like to know from you, what is your own journey of commitment – 

  • What are you showing up to consistently in your life and what desires burn within your heart? Are they related?
  • Do you have a practice of reflection and what are the lessons you’ve internalized?
  • Is your conversation with life a dance? Or a battle? What’s one place where you could shift that mindset today?

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Your support, love, and presence have made all the difference. If I can support you in your own journey, reach out.

Here’s to a future filled with continued commitment, growth, and soulful moments.

With love and gratitude,

Maren Oslac

In case this is the first time we’re meeting, I’m Maren, an executive life coach, speaker, dancer, and serial entrepreneur empowering you to step into your purpose and live your most fulfilled life. To learn more about how we can work together to uncover your unique gifts and get you dancing with life, click here. For corporate trainings or inquiries regarding speaking engagements, please complete this form.

In case this is the first time we’re meeting, I’m Maren, an executive life coach, speaker, dancer, and serial entrepreneur empowering you to step into your purpose and live your most fulfilled life.

When you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help regardless of where you are on your journey to self discovery:

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