Over Giving: Beneficial or Toxic?

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Podcast Episode

Let’s step into controversy!

In business we’re often told to give more than expected. That’s good business. Yet personally, giving more that someone expects, needs or wants is often  a sign of an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.

So which is it?

How do we know if we should give more than expected or hold back?

This is such a key subject for leaders and businesses that Stephanie and Maren went all in. They don’t hold anything back as they pull it apart and look at it from multiple lenses.

From honestly talking about the fact that most people don’t actually know (or can’t articulate) what they need, to people's tendency to assume “hey, I know what that person needs, and I'm just going to give it to them”, this is a power packed episode.

  • 00:31 Posing the question: do nothing more than expected, or go over and above?
  • 02:07 The awkward ‘over and above’
  • 06:05 Avoiding conflict/actually knowing and claiming what we want
  • 10:55 Sunk cost fallacy
  • 13:36 The empowering version of ‘what did I do wrong’
  • 17:40 Knowing when to over give and when to hold back/stepping out of one up, one down
  • 21:51 That’s a soulful leader

“It's a growth, awareness, rather than a fixed awareness, meaning, you're focusing on where you're growing, where you're evolving, rather than where you're stuck.” – Stephanie J. Allen


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