Neurodiversity is Your Superpower with Vicki Keith

by | May 28, 2024 | Podcast Episode

Vicki Keith is one of the most successful marathon swimmers in the history of the sport. She holds an unprecedented 16 world records, many of which surpassed both the male and female mark – including her record for swimming the 93 km double crossing of Lake Ontario in 1987, being the first person to swim across all five Great Lakes in 1988 and the distance world record for open water butterfly at 80.2 km.

While her swim career is both impressive and inspiring, her own internal, personal work and what she brings to the world of leadership and coaching takes all of it to another level.  Vicki was diagnosed later in life with ADHD which was simply another piece in her life puzzle. It helped explain her brain  – but the way she accomplished and lived her life came from an early decision to use the unusual way her brain worked to her advantage – no diagnosis required.

Her pursuit of excellence combined with her fiery desire to change the status quo and help people make her an exceptional role model. Everything from her inner dialog, to her lifetime of volunteer work, the to program she created for coaching physically impaired athletes, to the impactful talks she gives points to her service to humanity. Vicki is a unique human and everyone should have an opportunity to learn from her. It was a joy and honor to speak with her.

Vicki is a member of the Order of Canada, in recognition of her outstanding achievements and service, and was presented with an honourary Doctorate from Queen’s University in acknowledgement for her leadership in transformational coaching development. In 2007 Vicki was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This honour was followed by her induction into the Canada Sports Hall of Fame in 2019, and in February 2023, the Canada Games Hall of Honour, for sporting excellence and leadership in developing para swimming in Canada. In 1998 Vicki’s most famous arrival and departure point was renamed after her. The headlands of the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto are officially named Vicki Keith Point.

  • 03:49 going from lost to 2 world records
  • 06:51 failure
  • 08:37 ADHA – decisions and changing tasks
  • 10:38 Decision Making – Minor irritation or Major disaster
  • 14:46 A variation on goal setting & values
  • 22:00 The voice in our heads
  • 24:43 Procrastination is really percolation
  • 28:35 Personal mission statement and forgiveness
  • 33:42 Coaching as a journey, working with physical disabilities
  • 39:55 A circle makes it all possible
  • 42:00 The higher sorry of different

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26:02 Ep 123: Procrastination: The Hidden Gem

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