Mindset Shifts to Transform Your Business

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Podcast Episode

You’re pedaling away in your business and a car goes by at top speed, you pedal faster not knowing how to switch vehicles.

Like does attract like, so your life of pedaling attracts more of the same,  gurus teaching how to pedal more efficiently, partners, employees and friends, all working hard and pedaling away. 

All this work means you are not in the right place to hear, see or feel all the clues and help to get you into that car, the dream life you know is possible. All that incoming data will just pass you right on by – whether it's the right employee, the perfect job, the relationship that’s not toxic, whatever's next, whatever that car is that you're pedaling so hard to keep up with.

Today Maren and Stephanie share a few ways they’ve switched mindsets to allow them to step up and change vehicles in their own businesses. The key is intentionally designing vehicle changes into your life AND building the skills to embrace a completely new way – welcoming the unknown, asking for help and being in the lifelong conversation about your unique road less traveled. 

This is the path of the soulful leader.

  • 05:08 Wellness is designing your life
  • 07:06 getting off the bicycle
  • 08:01 beyond scarcity
  • 11:39 if you could have figured it out, you would have
  • 15:03 transcending hostile environments
  • 17:39 the on-going conversation


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Article Mentioned @ 1:44: Creating a Culture of Courage – “Hire the person, not the job” ~ Daniel Goodenough

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