Making Values Your Foundation

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Podcast Episode

Values are powerful tools, yet most of the time we don’t know what a value is, no less what our particular values are. 

Today Stephanie and Maren pull apart what values mean to us personally, and in our businesses. Knowing your values (and your business’ values) is one of the single most impactful thing you can do to attract customers and teams, to increase revenue and retention and even to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. 

Are you ready to shift out of the old way of relationships, of marketing, of leading.

If you’ve ever felt like goldilocks – not able to find that ‘just right’ formula, today’s Values first episode will have you reaching for a pen. Instead of the old, exhausting way of going about life, join Maren & Stephanie and dive into a deeper, more meaningful way that leads to flow.

  • 02:07  catchphrase or real meaning
  • 06:36 Codependency in leadership, and the alternative
  • 09:25 Practical tools: Inner work, what does it mean and how do you apply it
  • 15:19 Values: What are they, how do they serve us

“Bad marketing values promotions, good marketing, promotes values.” ~ Simon Sinek

  • 20:19 Values exercise (included  below)
  • 22:19 Getting clients the easy way
  • 25:34 Bored and searching, there is a better way


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15:48  Ep 150 Vicki Keith (Neurodiversity is Your Superpower)


20:19  Stephanie's Values Exercise

     What are my top 10 Values?  After each value… 
     A) why is this important?
     B) where am I living this value now?
     C) internally.. thoughts/beliefs/attitudes…what do I need to let go of? Learn? Change? So I can be more aligned with my values?

     There aren't always answers to the above questions.  
     The questions are meant to be contemplated ..and they will grow, change and evolve as you inquire about them…  
     you may want to pick one each day and just 'think about its presence in your life'. 

     This is not a test. No pass or fail. No right or wrong
     Your answer will change as you do.

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