How Do You Know What’s Best for Your Business

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Everyday I’m bombarded by people telling me they have the solution to my business problem, most of them with lots of ‘proof’ telling me that they are ‘tried and true’. They may be, but does that mean their solution is right for me, or you?

I’m noticing more and more that what I’m being sold is not right for me, it’s actually leftovers from what used to work, from big business – and that size that doesn’t fit me very well. I just found the same thing in a surprising place – beekeeping.

I just picked it up again after focusing on my career for 20 years and I’m finding it a microcosm of being sold a product that is not what’s best for me, but it’s ‘the way it’s done’. Really – it’s the way commercial beekeepers in the United States do it, it’s not how beekeepers in other countries keep their bees, and it’s far from how the bees themselves build in nature.

And it’s what I’m being sold. It’s the ‘best practices’ that ‘everyone’ does.

Sound familiar? How often are we told that?

Debunking the Myth

Beekeeping in the States is predominantly done in something called a Langstroth hive. It’s the standard for commercial beekeepers across the US. It was designed to make taking honey from the bees easy, fast and efficient. And it’s sold as the gold standard for anyone who wants to keep bees: backyard gardener, homesteader, small farmer, etc.

Sounds great, right? Who wouldn’t want their honey fast and efficiently with a great bottom line?

In reality, there are issues with the commercial beekeepers ‘bottom line’ mentality that could be avoided completely with holistic thinking. (Langstroth hives are designed for honey production, not the bees. It’s one sided which means there’s a cost.)

Big business thinks one-sided. We don’t have to. That’s the point. Backyard gardeners, homesteaders and small farmers don’t need to inherit the issues of the commercial giants, yet that’s what’s available, that’s what they’re sold – so they buy it.

Just like business solutions. We buy what they’re selling. The thing is, what they’re selling is broken.

Sugar Water

The Langstroth Hive is built for the convenience of the commercial beekeeper, to get the most honey per hive quickly and efficiently. The bees are simply the means to the end (profit) like most workers across the US. 

The hives are not insulated (they are mass produced with minimal materials), they are shorter and designed backward from how bees create hives in nature and commercial beekeepers take as much of the bees’ honey as they can. Those conditions create an environment where the bees would not be able to survive winter without being fed sugar water. 

Sugar water doesn’t have the nutrients that flower nectar and pollen have. But honey producers can get $1/ounce for honey and pay less than $.10 per ounce for sugar. So the bees are missing some nutrients, who cares.

The beekeepers create an intentional deficit for their workers (the bees) and then feed them substandard food to keep them going. And this is not just tolerated, it’s the STANDARD. It’s taught as best practice.

This is the same mentality that’s being passed down to us from big business, and we’re swallowing it. Bottom line at all costs.

Pest Control

Another ‘best practice’ in beekeeping is treating Varroa Mites, and other pests, that have become a problem in recent years. What’s interesting is that in nature, honeybees have their own resistance and pest management systems – no chemical additives needed. So it’s another issue caused by the way business does business.

There is a growing movement of ‘treatment free’ beekeepers who have realized that they don’t have to buy what’s being sold. That there are better options for them – and their bees.

They allow the bees to keep the honey they require (meeting their nutritional needs) and give the bees living conditions that are conducive to their health (designed for health, not to exploit) – insulated hives, deeper frames, horizontal, one-layer designs, etc. They create environments that are healthy for the bees which increases their resistance and their ability to manage the pests themselves.

They may get a bit less honey per hive (an arguable point), and they don’t have to douse them with chemicals, buy new bees every year, check their hives weekly or run a crazy schedule of management practices. Ah, the freedom of ‘enough’.

When You Have Enough

More and more businesses are waking up and seeing that the old way of doing business – the mindset that there’s never enough profit – is more often than not what creates problems and is certainly not the solution! 

The best leaders are using holistic thinking, cooperation and collaboration over competition and respecting those who work with and for them. 

What if we allowed our workers to keep some of their honey – reduced unreasonable workloads instead of demanding more, encouraged their ideas, supported their passions, recognized their achievements and gave them working conditions conducive to their needs? 

Imagine the healthier, happier, more vibrant world we would create. 

It all starts with saying NO to the hand-me-down, one-size-fits-all business advice we’re being sold, by taking the road less traveled. It will take more research, more effort and more courage. It’s easy to do what everyone else is doing. It’s harder to blaze a trail.

Before you buy into the next business solution, ask if it’s really what’s best for you and your business, or if it’s just the path of least resistance that ultimately only serves the people selling it.

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