Finding Freedom: A Roadmap to More, and Less

by | May 21, 2024 | Podcast Episode

Cleaning out a garage leads to a conversation about inner transformation and the truth of living joyfully. Learn how to break free from old patterns and embrace your life of abundance.

“You can transform through pain and suffering or you can transform through joy and abundance and the magic of life” ~ Daniel Goodenough

Did you know that you have a choice? 

The tendency to fight, or to run away, pervades our society, and those are both places of pain and suffering, which does transform us. And it comes at a great cost: it's exhausting, not sustainable, causes illness, increases aging, and wears away resilience.

What if instead the world was actually always wanting to give to you? 
What if you didn't have to fix or force or fight anything? 
What if you were already enough? 

Today’s podcast starts off with cleaning out Maren’s garage and leads to the end result of knowing that something good is not only coming your way, but gives you the tools necessary to be awake and aware to capture it, to be present to it. It’s the roadmap to living the magic of life.

Follow along with Stephanie and Maren as they deconstruct spring cleaning, walk through ‘stop and drop’, and address everything from the itty bitty shitty committee to shifting the whole paradigm.

If you’re tired of fighting, of having the same issues follow you from job to job, relationship to relationship, situation to situation and you are ready to really look, listen and feel to what's going on inside – your freedom resides in this podcast. 

  • 04:29 the burnt pot
  • 07:39 gold in the caca-poopoo-ness, making space internally and externally
  • 11:59 healing or adapting?
  • 13:12 Movie theater practice
  • 18:16 It’s an inside job – what does that mean and how do you do it


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