Burnout, it’s more than a buzzword. How it affects your life and career, and what to do about it

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Blog

Do you love reminders? I’ve come to really appreciate them. This is a newer realization for me. In the past, I’d feel the need to let everyone know “I knew that”.

Recently, Burnout Expert, Michelle Leota reminded me it can be nearly impossible to get present when you are in a state of burnout. If you’ve listened to our podcast for any length of time you know that Stephanie and I talk a LOT about presence, getting present and all the benefits to our bodies, minds and souls.

Wellll, I’m so glad we talked to Michelle. Episode 84 of The Soulful Leader Podcast (Beyond Burnout) is filled with the signs of burnout, the effects it has on your body and mind, and most importantly, how to heal from it.

Michelle’s story is so easy to relate to, she did what we all do, she  ‘pushed through’ her life thinking physical symptoms like fatigue, chronic illness, exhaustion, indigestion, and even dizzy spells were ‘normal’. Admit it, you’ve done that. I know I have.

When I’m in that state, grasping the concepts of presencing is virtually impossible. It’s like thinking about making your bed when your house is burning down. Not going to happen. 

This is critical. We need to get to the point where we can have a moment, some space, to make more space. This is the moment it shifts from a downward spiral to an upwards one. Sooo, I created my top 5 takeaways from our discussion with Michelle. You can also tune into Episode 84 of the podcast for more goodies, and check out Michelle Leotta’s website and podcast for all the ways she might be able to help.


My top five most valuable takeaways from our discussion on Burnout Prevention and Burnout Recovery:

  1. Burnout creeps up slowly, and if you’re not careful it can become a part of your identity.
  2. The Universe/Spirit/God is there for you and really does want to give you what you’re searching for, your job is asking for it AND having the space in your life to be open to it (here’s that presence thing again! lol)
  3. No matter how conscious you become, you still will get into those funky mental places from time to time. The key is awareness. Awareness that you’re in a mental rut and that you have choice. This empowers YOU to shift the energy from a place of burnout to a place of joy (this does NOT mean you are alone in your journey, or that you have to do it by yourself)
  4. Track what puts you in your happy place, so that you can do more of it. Put your energy into that instead of dwelling on all the ways you ‘should’ improve.
  5. “No” is a complete sentence. Your “yes” affirms your priorities. 

Looking for more guidance on overcoming and living beyond burnout – tune in to episode 84 here.


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