Bringing Out the Best

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Podcast Episode

You feel the pressure to excel and exceed and yet you don’t feel connection or support.
You start to feel isolated and want to give up.
Where do you turn? 
How do you bring out the best in yourself? In the people around you?

Today’s guest, Jeff Sanchez, experienced that isolation growing up and is now all about creating the remedy – for himself and the world around him.  As a leader he uses his skills with systems to actively develop the people around him and create environments that foster both connection and support. 

As one of the top Archery coaches in the country, with many national and world level competitors, his programs are unique as they are intentionally designed to develop the person first, the archery ‘results’ second.  

Stephanie and Maren were engaged from the beginning, where Jeff talks about some of his thoughts and processes for building trust, to the end, where he shares several touching stories about the people who inspired his leadership style.

This is a must listen for every leader, and aspiring leader! 

  • 05:01 Building trust
  • 13:42 Pushing to be the best vs. bringing out the best
  • 16:04 Goals to develop the person
  • 22:35 Creating an environment for life
  • 27:28 Making work fun
  • 32:34 Seeing what can be, not just what is
  • 35:15 Wake up call, life is not a straight line
  • 38:48 Knowing how your brain works
  • 43:42 Advice for leaders

Jeff’s bio is below. To find out more about archery, visit his website To reach him directly email him at


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Jeff is an internationally recognized archery coach who is dedicated to developing whole and healthy human beings. His ‘person first’ philosophy infuses every aspect of his programs and its impact is apparent in his athletes.

Although he’s one of the top coaches in the country winning multiple awards including USA National Coach of the Year, and producing many successful archers on a national and world level, his focus is on building up the person first and foremost. He considers becoming a great archer to be one of the many amazing side benefits of his program.

Before becoming a full time archery coach, Jeff lived a lifetime in the IT world, starting as a successful independent programmer and moving through several iterations of leadership roles at some of the largest and most innovative financial trading firms in the world including Global Head of Development for MF Global. Being a part of, and building, successful teams and people around the world has been a major theme throughout his life.

Jeff’s philosophies with helping his students develop into successful and confident people are inspired by some of his own childhood struggles which often left him feeling isolated.  His open and transparent style of communication with his students helps them to be able to expand their own comfort zones.  

Jeff’s own leadership style was greatly influenced by various inspirational role models who taught him to not only surround himself with great people, but to also do whatever

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