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Writings from the heart. Chunks align in a certain way…

I’ve chosen to do things a bit differently than most. I’ve partnered with life to co-create my world. I live in the moment and am completely dedicated to doing my life mission… honoring my deepest calling, my ‘why’ for existence.

These writings are truths that have come up for me as I process and evolve.

Your life is a tapestry, what are you creating?

Our lives are tapestries, and we are the creatives, the artists.

And just like the weavers, there are some awesome tricks that allow us to zoom out, take a different perspective and get a glimpse of the beauty we’re creating on the front of our tapestries.

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The Power of Presence

This past holiday season, I had an epiphany about Presence, and presents. I began questioning and questing, and I found that adding presence (i.e. unlearning hustle culture) to my life on a daily basis not only provided more sustenance for my soul, but also more sustenance for those I love, because real transformation is a result of presence.

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 Are your habits serving you or slowing you down?

Do you ever wonder why the entire world establishes new processes or resolutions every New Year, yet struggles to maintain the new habit or keep up with the new process, even though the goal sits out there waiting. I have found two practices that have been powerful in changing this dynamic for me.

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What can your tolerations teach you?

It's not always easy to be joyful, present, and positive. Joy is actually a muscle, and just like your other muscles, it requires training. Without exercising that muscle, joy is not our first reflex. I was recently reminded of this in my own life.  My husband enjoys...

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The Laundromat

Recently, I had to wash my king-sized comforter. The internet told me that the local laundromat had two oversized machines in the front, as well as a few larger machines on the back wall. When I walked in, the ones in the front - were taken. Of course. I size up the...

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I believe that the greatest crime is to learn something that can significantly benefit other people, yet share it with no one.

~ Mike Pettigrew