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Writings from the heart. Chunks align in a certain way…

I’ve chosen to do things a bit differently than most. I’ve partnered with life to co-create my world. I live in the moment and am completely dedicated to doing my life mission… honoring my deepest calling, my ‘why’ for existence.

These writings are truths that have come up for me as I process and evolve.

Education a Help or a Hindrance?

When it comes to embracing your uniqueness and avoiding hustle culture as an adult, the traditional education system does us a real disservice. Learn why and how to embrace your uniqueness for a more fulfilling life.

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Which Personality Test is Better for Business and Leadership? Human Design v. Enneagram v. Genius Test

Thinking about taking a personality test and wondering what’s out there, what the differences are and how they might benefit your business or team? Today I’m diving into three of them: Enneagram, Human Design and Wealth Dynamics (Genius Test). Let’s explore what they have in common, what they don’t, and what role they play in business and leadership.

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Hustle Culture: The Problem or the Solution?

Do you constantly feel the need to do more, get more, and make more in order to be truly fulfilled in life? Like your ideal life is just out of reach, always? Today I’m sharing where hustle culture stems from and discussing how to get in flow, be fulfilled, and be working with life instead of constantly longing for more.

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Dancing with Truth

Challenge the status quo of our achievement driven world and learn how to redefine success in a way that better serves you. I’m sharing how shifting my perspective, holding truths lightly, and asking empowering questions helped mold my relationship with success and reshape my life.

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The Goal That Ate Your Self-Esteem

The goals we long for the most are often the ones we struggle with the most – this is by design. It’s our path to real transformation. Learn the three steps to shortcut the pursuit of your goal in this week’s blog.

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Your Everyday Legacy: The Footprints You Leave Behind

Your legacy isn’t a byproduct of your most grand achievements, your monumental contributions, or your lasting creations. Instead it’s formed every day, in every ordinary action you take. In today’s blog, learn how to create your legacy by shifting your perspective on your day to day life.

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The Pressure of Perfection

Did you know embracing imperfection can actually enhance your leadership skills? Learn how to become a better leader by integrating your shadow qualities and practicing Stop, Drop, Reflect.

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The (Potential) Power of Commitment: 

Do you ever find it difficult to commit? Or view commitment to projects, deadlines, or even your exercise routine as a chore? I’ve recorded over 100 episodes of The Soulful Leader Podcast and I’ve learned a lot about commitment along the way. I think many of us have been looking at commitment all wrong. This week on the blog I’m reflecting on how to embrace commitment for what it truly is: a dance between giving and receiving, a way of being, and a portal to new opportunities.

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Are you busy waiting?

Learn how to break free from the cycle of waiting and embrace the beauty of the present moment. In this blog, I’m sharing a practical exercise on how to be more present in order to become a magnet for opportunities that are aligned with your deepest desires, and say goodbye to the constant hustle.

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I believe that the greatest crime is to learn something that can significantly benefit other people, yet share it with no one.

~ Mike Pettigrew