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Did you know that when you’re in flow you have an increased sense of time, energy and resiliency AND stress levels decrease?

Sounds great, right? But what is flow and how do you tap into it regularly?

This subject has been a passion of mine for decades. Most of us live in a fast-paced world, where time seems to slip through our fingers and constant stress is the norm. There are a select few for whom life is different. They’ve figured out how to tap into, and live mostly in their flow state. They move forward with certainty and clarity, consistently grow their potential, and exponentially increase their impact.

I decided I wanted that.

My quest has been both fascinating, and fruitful. I’m now one of those select few that lives in flow and I want you to have everything that I have, and more.

So how do we tap into this elusive state? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes ‘Flow’ as a state of complete absorption in your current experience, but that’s mind fodder, it doesn’t help us find our personal flow state – our unique path to ‘complete absorption’.

While many people talk about flow, the thing I’ve found as a business woman is that stepping into my personal entrepreneurial genius and offering my gifts to the world was my fastest path to this elusive state. It not only put me solidly in flow, it fulfilled me, AND exponentially propelled me toward success. 

Yes, it’s a process. It does not happen overnight, and getting started is simpler than you think. In fact, in just 75 minutes you could experience a massive paradigm shift and be well on your way to connecting to your deep self and discovering and acknowledging your gifts, strengths, and passions that put you into flow. Let’s dive into how.

Kickstarting the Process – Your Profile

The first step to finding your flow is discovering your true strengths, particularly peeling back the layers on the ones that have been shamed, blamed or judged in some way. Most of us were raised in a traditional education system that trained us to be “well rounded”. It pushed aside what we were best at to create time for us to work on our weaknesses, in other words, to become mediocre at things that are not our strengths – we were trained to put the best parts of ourselves aside.

That is why we must actually rediscover our gifts and strengths. The most effective tool I’ve found for this, and the one I use with my clients, is the Wealth Dynamics Genius Test. The Genius Test is a profiling tool specifically designed for entrepreneurs to help them stop floundering and step into their business flow.

This system works with 8 distinct profiles based on four energy types. The four energy types, or Geniuses are a simple but profound place to start (I’ll dive into each of those in more detail below). Discovering your Wealth Dynamics profile helps reveal your natural gifts and strengths which

  1. empowers you to step fully into the work that you are meant for
  2. aligns you with the people who further and support your flow
  3. helps you identify which role models to follow (have you noticed how many gurus want you to follow their path – which do you choose?)

The Genius Test is a powerful tool on its own, and like most tools, you get the most out of it by working with an expert, someone who has gone deeply into the intricacies of the tool, has been trained in business frameworks and can listen and apply the appropriate aspects to your unique situation. Learning how to understand and use your results is more important than results alone! 

Going Deep – Working with Your Life Mission

One of the truths I’ve discovered is that I can create flow states by knowing more about myself, and I actually live in a constant state of flow when I’m doing what I came to the planet to do, my life mission. Do you ever feel like there’s got to be more? That’s your life mission seeking you. You’re being called to dive into a deeper discussion asking questions like: “Why am I here?” “What have I come to do?” and “Who am I called to become?”

“Life mission” is more than doing a weekend workshop, setting goals or chasing ambitions; it’s about connecting with your deeper calling, that itch you feel in your soul, and then actually doing something about it. Imagine a life where you’ve aligned your actions and decisions with deep self. Imagine a life that inspires you, lights you up on the inside and is more productive than you could have imagined.

In order to enter your Life Mission conversation, we use a combination of personalized tools including the Genius Test mentioned above, shadow work, inner navigation, lines of development, Integral Theory, presencing, and spiritual practices that work directly with your unique gifts and strengths. This process makes our work practical and helps you move more easily through the old patterns, negative self talk, and unexpected resistance that will come up.

Instead of settling for a raise, 10 more clients or making 7 figures, discovering your deep “why” – your connection to source, sets you up for all those things and more. By anchoring yourself in your life mission, you avoid getting pulled off course and find the clarity and direction needed to navigate life’s challenges – and opportunities. 

You can have it all, and you have to start somewhere, let’s explore the foundational ‘energies’ of the Wealth Dynamics system.

More about the Four Genius Types

In Wealth Dynamics, each profile is based in one (or two) energies or genius types. At the simplest level, think of each of them having their own strengths and weaknesses – different ways to lead a team, manage money, and manage time – each has its own winning formula for success. By understanding your unique genius profile, you can harness your natural talents and capitalize on them, connect to people who compliment and further your strengths with their own and understand what your business needs for where it is right now. 

This is very different from the old way of doing business which has you following (and paying for) gurus and advice that is not right for you, hiring the wrong people at the wrong time and being out of sync with the ‘season’ of your business. Remember, what may be a weakness for you, or wrong timing for your business, will be someone else’s genius or right timing for their business.

How will you know the difference?  Here’s a quick overview of the 4 different Geniuses, or Energies:

Dynamo Genius: Spring Energy

Dynamo geniuses are the visionaries, the creators, the ones who breathe life into ideas. Think ‘spring’ with all the new buds, and shoots – everything blossoming and new. They excel at starting things but may struggle to see them through to completion. Their energy is infectious, sparking creativity and innovation wherever they go. If you’re a dynamo energy, teachers were likely constantly telling you to pay attention or be realistic.

Dynamos provide the vision, the overview, the 10,000 foot perspective. They are best at asking “what?” which gives a broader view of what is possible.

Think Lady Gaga—bold, visionary, and unapologetically creative.

(Learn even more about Dynamo energy on this episode of The Soulful Leader Podcast.)

Blaze: Summer Energy

Blaze geniuses thrive on social energy. They’re the connectors, the influencers, the ones who light up a room with their charisma. Think of summer with all its colors, variety and buzz. They excel at building relationships and thrive on variety and excitement. Yet, they may struggle with focus and analysis. If you’re a Blaze, teachers were always on you for talking too much or being too social.

Blazes are best at providing connection by asking “who?” – they help our vision come alive by bringing excitement to the ‘what’ and connecting it to the people needed to make it all happen. 

Think Marilyn Monroe—captivating, magnetic, and endlessly social.

(Learn even more about Blaze energy on this episode of The Soulful Leader Podcast.)

Tempo: Autumn Energy

Tempo geniuses are grounded and steady, with a keen sense of timing, perception and perseverance. Think ‘autumn’ when abundance flows and nature’s bounty is timed perfectly. They excel at navigating complexity and staying the course, even in the face of uncertainty. While they may take their time with decisions, they bring a sense of stability and reliability to any endeavor.  If you’re a Tempo, teachers were likely trying to get you to make a decision, move faster, or get creative.

Tempos provide in-the-moment details and the essential one foot view. Their “when?” question grounds the vision of dynamos and the excitement of blaze so that ideas actually come to fruition.

Think Warren Buffett—calm, strategic, steady and resilient.

(Learn even more about Tempo energy on this episode of The Soulful Leader Podcast.)

Steel: Winter Energy

Steel geniuses are the detail-oriented, analytical minds—the ones who thrive in solitude and precision. Think of winter when things seem dormant yet everything that’s necessary for spring is being cultivated behind the scenes. They excel at creating systems, managing data, and diving deep into complexity. While they may lack social skills, they bring unparalleled clarity and focus to everyone’s work. If you’re a Steel, teachers often underestimated you. You were also likely told to be more social and speak up, or to stop judging other kids’ ideas.

Steels provide much needed clarity by asking “How?” – they pick up on the details that other energies miss. Be careful about asking ‘how’ too quickly, though, because it can cut an idea down before it has a chance to flourish!

Think Mark Zuckerberg—logical, methodical, and laser-focused.

(Learn even more about Steel energy on this episode of The Soulful Leader Podcast.)

The Fifth Energy

The two main reasons I choose Wealth Dynamics over other profiling systems are

  1. It was created specifically for business and leadership
  2. It intentionally kept the deeper ‘why’/spirit energy in the mix. Other systems took it out to make their tools more palatable to business. 

Traditional business has separated out this ‘why’ for decades, and it’s landed us in a lot of challenging situations. Change is long overdue. There’s a reason that Simon Sinek’s 2011 book, Start with Why, has sold millions of copies, with 56 million people watching his TED Talk of the same name. Yet business keeps its head stuck in the sand. 

Those select few for whom life is different, the ones who move forward with certainty and clarity, consistently grow their potential, and exponentially increase their impact – they don’t shy away from the deep ‘why’ questions, they embrace them.

(Learn even more about Why energy on this page of the Soulful Leader Project.)

If you are ready to tap into your brilliance, to embrace your potential and increase your impact, let’s chat, it’s time you learned to step fully into your flow.

In case this is the first time we’re meeting, I’m Maren, an executive life coach, speaker, dancer, and serial entrepreneur empowering you to step into your purpose and live your most fulfilled life.

When you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help regardless of where you are on your journey to self discovery:

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