Throughout my triple career as a champion dancer, preeminent educator and serial entrepreneur I separated my lifelong, spiritual questing from my business life, I set it securely in my private life. It kept me ‘safe’ AND it, also meant I was playing smaller game than I was really here to play.

My ‘success’ always seemed ‘not enough’, I struggled with needing to do more, needing to have more, my health was affected, as were my relationships, and the voice inside me began shouting at me. 

Life had been giving me clues, and if I didn’t start doing something differently, I knew it would only get worse.

It was time. I was called to go on a pilgrimage, and I listened. In that transcended place, I made the commitment to step up (and out of the shadows) and play full out. To stop hiding.

More importantly, I kept the commitment. That’s when everything changed.

After years of striving and pushing to attain success, I finally bridged the gap between my spiritual life and business life.

I connected my place of deep listening and limitless flow to my businesses.

I began ‘dancing with life’.

The results: greater success than striving ever produced, crazy (good) miracles and manifestations, inner peace, healing my body and a strengthened relationship with my husband, team members, friends and family.

I’m now disrupting businesses. I am dedicated to helping leaders develop their deeper, richer conversation with life (and business) and step into playing their own bigger game. My favorite part? When my fellow travelers, who know, like I did, “that there is a better way,” find that the better way really does exist… and discover their personal freedom.

Are you a high level achiever stuck in the life you created, trapped by your success, feeling called to something more and ready for the next level?

It’s not only your birthright to live your true calling and dance through life abundantly, joyfully and in flow, it’s your responsibility.

A new paradigm is what’s needed most in the world right now and you are part of the solution.

Let’s play together.