Step Into More and
Let Life Work For You

Do you wake up excited and energized?

Or tired, overwhelmed and already feeling behind?

If you are like most high-achievers, you’re feeling imprisoned by your own to-do list and the success you’ve created.

Maren Oslac
Flow and your Genius

Featured on She’s Got Power Podcast

The High Achiever's Next Step with Maren Oslac

The magical, all lit up, fully alive
life that is calling you is your birthright,
you’re just not sure how to access it – yet.

That’s where I come in.

My mission is to share everything I know,
my lifetime of tools, to both
inspire and empower you
so that you too can
Dance with Life
instead of pushing through it.

Work with Me

Are you ready?


to SHOW UP and play BIG and audaciously in JOY and abundance?


to fully and unapologetically OWN YOUR DESTINY?


to MAKE AN IMPACT and leave a LEGACY while enjoying each day?


Then Let's Play

Find Your Flow
Find Your Flow
Soulful Leaders

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

~ Rumi

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Maren’s Blog

The Goal That Ate Your Self-Esteem

The goals we long for the most are often the ones we struggle with the most – this is by design. It’s our path to real transformation. Learn the three steps to shortcut the pursuit of your goal in this week’s blog.

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Your Everyday Legacy: The Footprints You Leave Behind

Your legacy isn’t a byproduct of your most grand achievements, your monumental contributions, or your lasting creations. Instead it’s formed every day, in every ordinary action you take. In today’s blog, learn how to create your legacy by shifting your perspective on your day to day life.

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The Pressure of Perfection

Did you know embracing imperfection can actually enhance your leadership skills? Learn how to become a better leader by integrating your shadow qualities and practicing Stop, Drop, Reflect.

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People are saying...

I absolutely admire her as both a person and a business owner. She has this underlying strength and positiveness that rubs off on everyone she meets. She makes a brilliant mentor as she is so insightful and willing to share and guide others.

~ Gillian Anderson

People are Saying...

The reason I resonate so well and have learned so much from Maren is because she is truly genuine and a natural teacher as lives in her flow.

~ Brett Gordon

People are Saying...

Maren has been a force of inspiration for me for over 25 years. She has educated me and empowered me to live an authentic life in relationship with nature…mother nature and my true self. If you are looking for a mentor who can help you discover your “inner dance” that will move you, Maren is your person. Aligned with integrity, higher vision along with grounded, practical application to be a force for change. Thank you for all that you do and all that you embody as a role model for us women who are ready to live, love and lead authentically.

~ Stephanie J Allen

People are Saying

Maren is one of those rare people who is thoughtful in how she approaches life. She puts in the work to learn, contemplate and discover and is very generous in sharing what she’s learned from her journey.

​~ Annelize Booysen

People are Saying

Maren managed to inspire me in a 3 minute zoom break out window convo … !!!

​~ Thea Hayalidis

People are Saying

I want to thank Maren for such insightful sharing. It has really helped me and I am very grateful.

​~ Richard Hallewell

Maren is the founder and owner of Heart & Sole Dance,
a transformational ballroom studio in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Looking for dance instruction that connects you to your partner AND your soul?
Contact the studio today!

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